Using WD Green drive as the primary drive

The 500G drive in my desktop PC is getting fairly old, so I thought I’d preempt any problems and install a new drive and use the old one for non-critical stuff.  I bought a 2 TB Green drive. Noise is an issue, so the Green was attractive.  Then I read that the Greens are designed for secondary use which impies that they are not designed for use as the primary drive in the machine.  My PC is on about 18/7 and runs pretty cool.  What are the potential consequences of using that drive as my main drive in a Windows system?

Hi yes that is the recommendation not as a boot drive. But there are people that use them for a boot drive they are a slower drive and park the heads a lot. So if you don’t mind a slow boot and not as much performance they will work fine.

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Thanks – So there is no reliability downside to in running a Green drive 18/7?

Hi no there is not. I have even seen people running them in Raid 5 with no problems but there is always a chance of failure using them in any Raid.

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