Using WD Black As External Hard Drive: 8-pin connector


I am using a WD Black 1TB drive as an external drive to backup my files onto. I connected a SATA to USB cable and plugged it into my computer. Nothing happened. I found an 8-pin connector on the drive. What is that used for and is it necessary for plugging into my laptop?


I don’t know about any 8-pin connectors on sata drives, unless you’re talking about the jumper block.

I can’t imagine that a USB port could possibly provide enough power to run that drive… I’m pretty sure only 2.5" drives can be connected like that, but could be wrong!

I think it is the jumper block. What is it used for and how do I provide
power to the flash drive?

*hard drive

You’d need a dock with an external power supply?

Ok, thanks