Using video Hub

I have a question regarding the Hub.  I have had this for a few years and am very happy with it.  I had over 500 movies on the hard drive set up with each video in a folder for it.  I just ran out of room and purchased the WD 3T external hard drive with USB 3 and installed it on one of my computers.  I transferred all the movies to that drive.  I can play the movies from this without a problem.  The issue I am having is that it no longer shows movie sheets and I can’t use filters…it seems to only work if the videos are on the internal drive.  Is there a way for this to work.  Also I am not able to get movie info update either.  It seems that both of these only work when I have movies on local drive.  Is there a way to get this to work?

Check if you have media library turned on.

This most certainly works. I, as well as many others keep movies on remote drives. Assuming you are using the media library, I would have it rescan the movie directories. Also just  a double check, I would make sure that in your copy to the remote drive that there were no naming convention changes, meaning make sure that he movie, the cover and the movie sheet are all named correctly (the same).

good luck


It seems to be working…I was able to set up a network share.  It has been scanning the drive since yesterday, but since there is over a terrabit of data I am assuming it will take some time to complete.  I am hoping that once it is complete I will be able to  work correctly.  The files are the same as they were when they were on the local drive and it did work correctly at that time.  Right now I don’t have the option at top right to filter files, and I don’t have option to load movie info…hope these will be available once scanning is completed.

The good news is that the rive completed scanning the drive.  The bad news is that I am not able to sort or get any missing content.  The green icon at top right does not show up and When I try to get content, the option does not show up.  I do have many of the files showing the cover and the info about the movie.  On any of the ones that don’t have it I am not able to rescan to get it.  I also would like to sort by date so I can get new movies at front instead of having to go from a-z.  Is there something I have to do to get these options to work.  They did work when I had everything on local drive.