Using true image to clone drive

     My computer was recently into the shop because it wouldn’t boot up. Tech guy ran his diagnostic program and was able to get it working again. The diagnosis was that there was some kind of physical defect on the hard drive. Computer has been working fine but I have since bought a new WD hard drive and want to make a clone.

     My 2 questions are:

     1. Old HD is 250 GB and new HD is 500 GB. When the clone is made will I loose the extra 250 GB?

     2. I am guessing that I instrall the new HD into the computer and run Acronis from the old HD, the only one with operating sytem,  that I am currently using ? It will use itself as a sourse and the new HD as a destination?

I use Acronis paid for backups but have never got into cloning. Go to the Acronis forum and look throught the things posted by Grover you’ll probably find what you need there with a little searching. I would run the from the rescue disk.


Hello Kaztheminotaur:

1- No, you will not lose the remaining 250 GB, the Acronis have several options for cloning; don’t use the “As If” option, this will make your 500 GB drive into a 250 GB, your best shot is using the option “Manual”, it will let you choose how much space you can use of your new drive.

2- Yes, you need to run the Acronis from the old drive.

More information below:

Hope it helps.

By the way, great book Kaz the Minotaur, I use to love Dragon Lance books…

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Thanks for posting the link. I only have minimal experience using Acronis paid mainly for backup iimages. The Acroins forum does have a lot of helpful things posted too.