Using Time Machine


I’m trying to get a Mybook World edition to work with Time Machine. I have it hooked up to a Netgear Gigabit router, but it isn’t being seen when I try and set up time machine. It keeps looking for a time capsuie.  

  Do I have to reformat the drive to get it to sync?

Are you using the latest firmware? If so, the instructions here should work. You don’t need to reformat the drive.

If that doesn’t work, and you have the latest firmware, it could be a network problem. Are you able to access the drive’s Public share?

I think I do.

My drive comes up as shared and say MYBOOKWORLD; below that is another entry that says powerbook. I’m assuming that that is the back up that the WD backup software made.

When I registered I down loaded all of the current files.

I went back last night to see if there were any more.

Are there certain DNS entries that I can enter?

If you haven’t updated the firmware, you may have an older firmware that doesn’t support time machine.

The directions at explain how to update the firmware. You’ll need to do that before you can access the drive with Time Machine.

Once you do get it running, it should be detected byTime Machine and work just like any other drive.


I was able to update my firmware

I reset the drive and changed my admin password and now get a OSStatus error -6602

How do I clear it?

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