Using Time Capsule Extreme as the Backup Drive for My Cloud


I have recently acquired a My Cloud and couldn’t be happier. Been a heavy user since a few weeks and all is perfect. I have family across the world, and everybody connects to catch up on our newborn childs’ photos

PC and MAC @ home. 

Our main WiFi(ac)  router is a time capsule extreme 3tb

The time capsule extreme and the My Cloud are plugged with gigabit ethernet  cables to adsl modem.

I intend to backup (safepoints) the WD My Cloud to the airport extreme HDD since the 3 tb of the extreme is empty.

I have not installed Smartware…

When I try to create safepoints through the dashboard, and point on the Airport Extreme, the software tries to open the Time capsule, but sees no folder, and does not connect.

If I point at the PC, or any Mac, no problem.

I can access the Time Capsule through the macs of course, and the PC, through a device password.

Could anybody suggest an idea?

Thank you and have a great day

a 1960’s pseudo geek

Welcome to the Community.

It’s possible for the configuration of your Time Capsule to prevent the Safepoint from working with it. Have you tried changing permissions or confirming if there are networking protocols like SMB disabled?