Using the Wireless Pro to store raw video data only

I am scheduled to make a 30 day 500 mile hike in a remote area without satisfactory internet access. I will be making 4 to 6 hour long videos using a Removu K1 backpack mounted camera in continuous operation with a connected power bank for power. Each day I will take the 256 GB SD card out of the camera and dump the day’s contents to a mass storage device with a minimum capacity of 4 TB.and recharge my power bank, or if it will work, the Wireless Pro in readiness for the next day’s walk. I will have daily access to AC power in the hostels and refuges, but very slow or no access to the Internet. I will carry an Android Smart phone, but do not wish to carry a laptop or notebook. Is it possible to use the My Passport Wireless Pro device for this operation using my Android device for access. Doing an automatic data dump from the SD Card daily? I don’t need to review files or preview anything during the trip.

Hello OldHillwalker,

You can download and install the WD My Cloud Mobile App as it supports the My Passport Wireless Pro device. You can refer the link given below and follow the instructions to download and install the Mobile App.

Thank You Very Much.