Using the My Cloud as shared network disk (Mac)

Okay, this might be asking the obvious…but before spending euro’s I better be sure.

I have a 2015 MacBook Pro on which I do design work in Adobe InDesign and I have an 2017 iMac which also has the Adobe stuff installed.

Can I use/mount the My Cloud on both machines as a remote disk and work from both machines on the same files? (not simultaneously) So I work on blablabla.pdf on my MacBook, save it on the My Cloud and open it on my iMac to further work on it. And will my wifi (using Google wifi pucks) be fast enough to do this without any lag?

There is a lot of info “on the webz”, but I really lost direction a bit…help? :slight_smile:

Hi livefromberlin,

Yes, you can access your all the files through remote location by singing in your account and then you will be able to do your work properly. For better clarification, it is best to contact WD Customer Support.

Hello Berlin,

On MAC you will see wdmycloud in Finder. If all on some network (LAN).

open Finder, on the right hand side you will see “connect as”.
Click on it and enter the username and password you use to access your shares (other than public).

Do the same from any MAC.

it is always there in finder under “Locations” in Mojave, depending on your OS might show under “Network”. You only need to do it once.

I access wdmycloud from a Macbook, Mac Pro, Linux desktop and Windows Laptop.

Good luck.

EDIT, tip: if you want the share to appear on your desktop as folder, click on finder, top left menu finder, click on preferences, tick connected server (assuming you already logged in)). that connected server/folder etc will now appear on your desktop.

If you want the drive to automatically mount every time you log in (if it does not do that already) the head to application, preferences, user accounts, click on your name, then click on login items, then add (+).