Using the files on the new WD external drive

It was my hope that I could move my images to the hard drive and use them from there, opening up space on my Mac. I don’t see that scenario in the manual, though it seems it should work. I do have them backed up on my Time Machine on another drive, too.

The manual talks mostly about copying files to the new drive and how to retrieve them.

Can you give me more details on this issue. is this what you pertaining to?

What I would like to do is partition the drive, using half for overflow Time Machine backups. The other half, I would like to move all of my photo images to the drive, deleting them from my Mac. I would like to access them from the WD drive and save them to that drive.

Is that possible?

You just need to partition it in 2. 1 for time machine and the other for pictures. Partitioning a drive is data destructive.

search disk utility on spotlight.

under disk utility click the wd drive/partition

change current to 2 partition

click option make sure if your processor is intel change it to guid if not apt

format would be mac os extended journaled

name anyname w=you want then hit apply and partition

then select the disk in time machine, choose the first partition

Sounds easy and just what I want. Thanks. I’ll try it today.  L