Using Smartware to backup 2 computers on same network?

I’ve just installed a 3TB My Cloud and have set up Smartware to do backups from my laptop without any problems. However, when I try and run Smartware from my wife’s PC it doesn’t display the MyCloud device as a Target device for backups … only Dropbox. I can access MyCloud from her PC using the Desktop application and also as a device on our home network through Windows Explorer. What have I missed in the setup so I can get Smartware to do backups from her PC. My laptop is Windows 10, and the PC is Vista.

Hi, you should check the following:

From Network and sharing settings check this:

  • Sharing and discovery: On
  • File and printer settings: On
  • Public Folder Sharing: On
  • Make sure that the connection is private not public.


Thanks for your reply. I’ve checked these settings on both machines and they appear to be as you suggest. However, I’m not quite sure what you mean by ‘making sure the connection is private not public’. When I start the Smartware User Interface on my wife’s machine it’s as if it doesn’t recognize the device (WDMYCLOUD) although Windows itself recognizes the device and allows access to all the folders. I can access the device using Dashboard from both machines.
I’ve also tried uninstalling and re-installing all the WD MyCloud software but still the same result … the MyCloud device is not available for selection as a Backup Target on the SmartWare Home tab. I struggling to know what to try next.

Hi, There is another things to check, Like making sure that the Client for Microsoft networks is installed on the computer and also making sure that the computer is on the same Workgroup. If After that you are still unable to get it working I would recommend you to contact support