Using Smartware Pro to backup other NAS drives

I have an 8TB MyBookLive Duo as my network backup. I also have a 4TB MyCloud, a Seagate GoFlex Home 4TB and a Seagate Free Agent 3TB drive connected to the MyCloud. Can I use Smartware Pro to auto backup the other drives or do I nee to go with a third party software? None of the other drives are over 50% and I use them for media storage.

O believe one feature of the Pro edition is that it will backup non=WD drives.

@mike27oct - If the option is there it’s better hidden the microsoft windows 10 malware, I mean GWX. I mapped the NAS drive and it is not showing. I lost over 1TB from that drive once and I’m still trying to rebuilt it.

I guess I’ll try the WD Acronis software from WD’s website. Recovering over 1TB of data from a puked NAS is not fun.