Using Roku4 to stream movies from EX2, no sound :(

Well I got my NAS mapped correctly and now I’m trying to stream movies from my Roku4 player. It has a media player app built into it. The Roku recognizes the EX2 as a media server and I can watch a few movies I copied onto the EX2, but there is no sound coming out of the speakers.

Any suggestions???

Where is the video and audio of Roku going to; e.g. via out a HDMI cable to TV?

Yes, when I play Netflix and Prime on the Roku4, the audio is fine, no problem. The issue is when I use the Media Player APP built into the Roku to play movies on the EX2, there is no sound.

Sounds like a Roku Media Player app problem. Try a different media player.

What format are your movie files (mp4?)

Can you play mp3 music files?

Movies are MKV, the Roku media player, when pointed to the PC on my network, plays movies with audio, no problem

When you say “try a different media player” I’m not sure how to do that. Can I download another player onto the Roku box?

I can play mp4 and mkv files on my WD NAS on Roku Media Player app with no issues, but never use this method, I prefer using my WDTV media player or Amazon Fire TV with an Amazon app. I can even use PLEX. to do the job. My iOS devices play movies well, too.

I looked in the Roku store for apps you could try and none looked promising.

I presume your movies on nas can be played fine by your PC. Since the nas is a file server (not a player) the problem you have is not with the EX2. Check your HDMI cables.
This is all I can suggest.


Try these to see if they help,
Reboot Roku by unplugging, wait a few moments, plug back in and try again.

If that doesn’t help, remove media player app and then re-install it.