Using raid 1 on DX 4000 as a backup mechanism


  1. Is it feasible to use a dx4000 hot swappable for a backup.  For instance could I have 3 drives at raid1 and then swap a drive each night for off site storage.  My thoughts with 3 drives is that we would still have at least dual redundancy at all times.
  2. I read in the forum that the sentinel will reconfigure itself to raid 5 if more than 2 drives appear. Can that be over-ridden?
  3. On this system, the active data would be 200-300 Megabytes.  Any idea as to how long a drive change rebuild would take?
  4. When swapping a drive, what requirements are necessary? (ie does it have to be wiped clean or can it be a drive that was used 2 days ago?)

Thanks so much for your input…

Miles Sandin 

No you can not overide the raid levels.  You cant do raid 1 with 3 drives anyway.

You need the 2 drive 4/2tb version and configure MSBACKUP to an external usb drive that can be rotated offsite.