Using Quickbooks and My Cloud

I am hoping someone can answer my question. I am using QuickBooks 2016 and have a WD 2TB drive. Then I purchased the My Cloud 4TB drive, installed the software, connected it to my router and all was well. I was able to save photos to it and other files. The next day I tried to load QuickBooks and it would not load, so I unplugged the MyCloud and was able to load QuickBooks. Then plugged MyCloud back up and it worked. And every DAY I have to unplug MyCloud and load QuickBooks then plug in MyCloud. Do you know WHY!!!


@Jimbarbg What WD devices do you own?

I am using a WD - My Cloud Home 4TB Personal Cloud Model WDBVX0040HWT-NESN and a WD - mybook WDBFJK0030hBK-04 this is plugged into the usb port on my blackhawk router.

If I leave the mybook plugged in then Quickbooks loads.


@Jimbarbg I don’t own either of those, I have WD My Clouds WDMyCloudImage
a 1st and a 2nd generation. That is what this sub-forum is for.

What computers or devices and operating systems are you using this on? Maybe someone else can help in another sub-forum.

The My Cloud (this subforum) and the My Cloud Home are two different products with different features/options. See the dedicated My Cloud Home subforum where users familiar with that device may be able to assist.

You also may want to see QuickBooks support to see if there are any limitations of that product that involve using a network device like the My Cloud Home. I assume you didn’t install Quickbooks to the My Cloud Home. If you did that might be one problem.

Sorry, I picked the wrong forum. But I solved my problem by taking it to my house a connecting it there, thanks everyone.