Using Plex To Access Content Remotely

Hi Guys,

I m using a Wester Digital EX2 with 2 NAS Drives in Raid 1. The whole purpose of the EX2 is to store home movies that should be accessible by the rest of my family through the internet. Since they are home movies, my intention is to use Plex as the media organizer. I have also installed the Plex App in the NAS, working perfectly well locally. Perhaps the only problem (wich i believe hasn’t any solution with this model) is the fact that the movies cannot be transcoded and should be left in a standard codec and format called MP4. No big deal although i would prefer seeing this solved in future versions.

Now on the fact: I have a home network, in which i am using a network and all devices belong to that segment. My WDC has a static IP address of I also have a Wifi Router (Linksys) that provides me with DHCP and some security, besides ensuring high data transfers to my devices within the same network. The WAN port is connected to the ISP Router (Zyxel). Zyxel is configured to provide DHCP networks as well, this time with segment

So having explained that, i have followed Plex instructions on how to set up the Plex Media server directly on the NAS drive and i found out that it uses a specific port number 32400. So accessing the server within the segment is working with no problems.

What i want to do now is to make this accesible from the internet. I have enabled NAT on the Zyxel and NAT on the Linksys with Por forwarding directly to the default port 32400. I can also access the Plex using my Webbrowser from the to the The problem is, that i doesn’t show the EX2 this time as a NAS server, from which i could see the movies. It says the access is not configured.

I don’t understand if i still miss some portforwarding from the network to the network this time using a diferent port, or this is related to another problem. I haven’t changed anything on the NAS either and that is another test that isn’t working. I cannot access the WDC Device from the (even if i am allowing another Port Forwarding with port number 80).

What am i missing here? I need to solve this before i play with the dynds feature (i won’t enable anthing from the internet until i solve the proper configuration from the ISPs router network first.
Many thanks in advance.


Hopefully an experienced User will be able to assist.

I actually spoke to a Netguy. This won’t work. Double Nat can’t be used in the configuration i am thinking.

I apologize for not reading through your entire first post in detail for lack of time…but I can tell you this much…I have a double NAT situation at my home with my ISP router AND my own personal router behind it, both having DHCP and NAT enabled. As long as you enable port forwarding on both routers and a path is configured (i.e. port forwarding setup on both routers) from the external router to the internal router to the device, traffic will flow from outside to whatever device it may be - EX2 or any other computer or device.