Using OS 3 Mycloud drive as secondary drive with new OS 5 Drive - Help

Hi guys, now that my NAS drive is not upgradable to os5 and have lost the remote access, I wanted to ask if bought a newer NAS drive that using OS5 , will I be able to use my old NAS drive as a secondary drive by connecting it to the new drive using usb like you can with a external drive? os is that not possible and only alternative is to xfer all my media to newer drive?

Hope that makes sence!


Hi @Aauk25,

Please follow the link below to check the article How To Map a WD Network Drive on Windows 10 and 11:


It doesn’t work like that at. Not at all.

Fundamentally. . . all that has changed with the OS/3 device is that the WD servers which provided access to the device via WD apps has disappeared. So the WD app has disappeared. So you can no longer access the device through

What has NOT changed is that OS/3 is still NAS software. . . and you can access it today within your network just like you did yesterday. Also, if you accessed using 3rd party apps (for example: Using a VPN connection), that will still work as well.

Also what has NOT changed is that OS/3 has a small pile of security flaws. Those flaws are NOT going to be fixed. (the “fix” was OS/5). If you want to keep an OS/3 device on your network. . .that’s fine. . . but you really should BLOCK internet access to the device (FROM YOUR ROUTER).

(my personal solution: OS/3 device on a separate network that has no internet access)