Using new My Book USB 3.0 as 2.0

I have a laptop and am unable to install the USB 3.0 PCIe card (I knew that before I purchased it) I am willing to use only USB 2.0 Exactly what cable coonection do I use> Is it a micro 5 or mini 5 connector? I tried using the mini and was unable to out it in. The Micro 5 went in but even though the drive turned on and spun, nothing showed up on My computer. I tried the cable in my other MY  BOOK that used the micro 5 ( and the same thing happened ).I also tried it in adifferent computer - same thing - turns on and spins. So I assume it is the cable. Could you please tell me exactly what cable to buy?

Guess I solved my own problem. I need a USB 2.0 Micro cable. Works

Thanks anyways Maybe my question will help others stuck like I was

I use my USB 3.0 drive in a USB port 2,0 using the same cable that the drive was bundled with, it did work.

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The mod guy is correct, your USB 3.0 cable works fine for a USB 2.0 – so do not buy/use a 2.0 cable.  They do not tell you what to look for to see when you are connected to your PC.

Its a USB like connection so you should hear a beep, like any other new USB conection, if you have that sound on.

The WD drive power on light must be on or blinking.

The WD drive takes about twice as long after the beep to get into the USB connection as a normal USB.

If you have a working USB on your PC you will see a “Savely remove hardware” tray icon which will display all the working USBs on your system – a working WD will show a new USB drive letter.

Clicking the START icon and they selecting MY COMPUTER will list all of the work drives – a working WD drive will show something like: My Book (E:)