Using MyCloud to mirror iTunes Accounts/files between 2 computers (Mac/PC)

Hi, I am having trouble working out how to use my MyCloud to mirror my iTunes music files on to 2 computers. (Mac and PC)

I have a MacBook Pro that stays in the lounge as a kind of media centre and a PC Windows 10 laptop that goes everywhere with me. The ultimate goal is to mirror iTunes on both computers so edits on one translate to the other. I need the actual music files to be stored on the PC laptop hard drive so I can access the full library when out and about without web access. It would also be good to eventually add a 3rd computer/device to this system later.

I thought I could do this by using ‘WD sync’ to sync the Music folder (which contains the all my iTunes media) on the PC to the MyCloud’s Public/shared music folder. I would then change the Mac to look for the iTunes media file on the MyCloud. This doesn’t seem to work as the Mac stiull displays the old library despite looking the new location.

Is this the best way to achieve what I want to do? is the problem that the iTunes .itl files are not compatible between Mac/PC?

If you want the My Cloud to host the iTunes media library then see one of the following links that explain how to move the iTunes library to an NAS (like the My Cloud) and reconfigure iTunes to point to the new library location.