Using MyCloud PR4100 as a SVN Server?

Hi everyone

Total newbie to this so please be patient.

I am part of a team working on an Unreal Engine project. The project is expanding, as is the team. I am now looking to get some control over this by setting up a Version Control System. The team want to use TortoiseSVN for this. I know you can buy storage online, but since we are self-funded, and the fact I have a PR4100 sitting there, I thought I’d try and put it to good use to meet our needs.

Requirement is simple. Use PR4100 NAS as a reposistory around 2-5 users can connect to.

According to VisualSVN, this can be done with a network share (see this link: Storing repositories on a network share - VisualSVN Help Center)

So here is my problem. I first install VisualSVN Server with these settings:

Windows then gives me an error saying access is denied.

OK, that makes sense, I need to look at permissions.

So I look at this link: Permissions required to run VisualSVN Server - VisualSVN Help Center which tells me if I am installing VisualSVN Server on a Network share, I need to set permissions for an account called “ServiceAccount”. I created this in MyCloud, and gave that user access to the share I am wanting to install… but I need to set it on Windows too, and when I do that, I get this error:

This tells me I am doing something wrong and/or not doing enough. I think it is the fact that I am not logged on to the server itself when trying to set these NTFS permissions… but I can’t work out how to do that.

Does anyone know how I can allow VisualSVN Server to be installed on my WD PR4100?