Using MyBook Studio Security but only 4 drag-and-drop archive purposes of certain files only?

Hello friends,

I do not want to use my My Book Studio 2TB drive as a backup disc for my Mac.  I simply want to drag-and drop certain files onto the drive for archive purposes.  I do still require setting the drive Security feature so that I can use the password protection and encryption (so I assume I will need to install the WD Smartware software)…


1)  To use the Lock/Unlock feature on the MyStudio drive is it absolutely necessary to install the WD Smartware software? 

  1. If I install the WD Smartware software can I “configure” it so that it does not ever actually do a backup of my Mac’s files (but instead allows me to unlock the drive, only drag-and-drop certain files, and then lock the drive)?  If so, how?

  2. (If not redundant) Can you think of any method in which this model drive can be used for my stated purpose?

  3. Finally, if I can install the software use it to lock and unlock the drive and configure things so a backup of my Mac does not occur, should I simply drag-and-drop the files I  want to back-up directly onto the My Book desktop icon?

Thank you for your advice!!


A1. Yes, the WD Smartware is needed for security setting and other configures.

Other than that you have a choice to use its software or not to. Or you can uninstall it if you wish. Just use the drive as an external drive.

A2. Even WD Smartware is installed, as long you are not run it, you still can drag and drop files to the drive.

A3. I am not sure about the drive you have. Is it 2TB=2X1TB drives or 2TB=1drive? The answer is the same as A2.

A4. Same as A2.