Using My Passport Ultra for Media Server

Hello folks, brand new to the board and to doing what I am trying to do, so be gentle :wink:

I just purchased a 2TB My Passport Ultra with the intention to connect it to my RT-AC68U Router (USB 3.0) and use it as a media server. I opted to go for a portable drive because I travel often and a NAS is just not portable .

So here are the questions:

1- Should I format the drive and use it blank or should I leave all of the current content

2- Is there some utility or program that I should install in the WD in order to make it act as a true media server (if there is such a thing)

3- I connected it to the router as stated above, but would it be better to have it connected to my main PC and share from there?

Any answers you have will get me further then where I am so have at it :slight_smile: Also if you have any additional comments, questions, or feedback, they are appreciated!!


I have never tried this since it is not supported. It might work but it is not guaranteed. Lets see what other users can comment on this.

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Thanks HDK. The more I read about this the more I am thinking I made the wrong choice for my needs and need to just do a NASΒ :smirk_cat: