Using My Passport as an additional hard drive

I’ve bought My Passport about 2 days ago, because I was in need for some memory to my old 2001 notebook (w/ a very small hd). After using the software, and doing all the backup w/ smartware, I’ve accessed the drive by windows explorer, and could find everything there (besides the weird named folders, that made think in the beginning that I could only access the files w/ smartware), I guess I could easily use as an actual hd, however, there was this notepad file named “DON’T MODIFY”, well, I’ll admit that got me I little scared. Reading some posts here, I think I actually CAN use it w/ explorer, download stuff directly on the drive, and So on. However, I guess it would be nice to ask before doing this anyway. So, here are my questions:

1 - Can I copy, save directly and delete files using windows explorer, with no fear at all?

2 - If, I can, can I put those files on the folders smartware created for my backup (the weird named ones), or they happen to be the ones I shouldn’t modify and I should create new folders to put new files without smartware?

3 - If anything happens, formatting the drive should be the appropriate solution?

So, that’s it, hope it won’t take long for an answer…

I’m sorry you didn’t get any replies.  The answers are simple:

  1. Yes, you can copy directly to the drive without concern.
  2. No, don’t Modify those folders.  They are reserved for SmartWare’s backup use.  However, if you don’t want to use SmartWare, you can delete those folders and create your own.
  3. Reformatting is only good if you want to do a mass erase, quickly, and you don’t care about losing the data on the drive.