Using My Passort to record from set top box?

I bought one of these (160 GB) and it’s got the stupid virtual CD thing. I formatted it to FAT32, and I could even

use it on old PC with Win98SE. But plugged into STB it gives errors after 15-30 minutes. Previously I had

a Verbatim, and it never had errors. Although sometimes it was not detected when plugged in. The Verbatim

helpdesk said  most set top boxes don’t supply more than 500 mA (whereas most desktop PCs do

supply more than the required 500 mA). The My Passport has a single USB cable, not the Y-shaped that

some models have, so I presumed it needs less power. But is is unusable. So I went out an found a

WD Elements 320 GB in a clearance bin. Formatted that to FAT32 and tried it, and several two-hour recordings

later, it is still working.

Has anybody else tried the My Passport for recording digital TV?

The only Passport that we would recommend for DVR’s is the Passport AV.  If that’s what you have, then you just might not be getting enough power to run it.  They do need about 8-900 mA’s to run.