Using My net n900 as Media server. Help pls!

i am trying to set up a media server in my home, if anyone here could help me i would greatly appreciate it.

so heres how i normally do it, i have all my media on my computer which i stream to my ps3 via ps3 media server. this works perfectly but the computer has to be always on and running ps3media server. What i am trying to do is eliminate the computer from the equation.

I recently purchased the wd n900 my net central hd with 2 TB hdd. what i want to do is put all my media on the WD N900 and stream directly from the WD while keeping my computer off.

I played around with it a bit last night and got some test files to show up on the WD router but i still had to keep my computer open and running ps3 media server.

Does anyone know how i would go about setting this up. Maybe the WD router wont work for what i want to do? if anyone has other suggestions of a different product that will accomplish this i can still return the router.


P.s. my computer is a macbook pro in case that makes a difference in the set up.

Please contact our Support and they should be able to help you set this up. 

The part you are missing is the “ps3media” server, you need it for the ps3 to see the files as proper media files that it can play.

WD (and others) do have a media players that you can buy that will play all your media, I had one, it worked pretty good but I went back to using my Laptop because it was just another box and remote cluttering up the place.

Let us know what the WD tech guys tell you