Using MY NET N600 USB port for RICOH SP 150SU WD Print Share

Hello WD Community,

i recently bought a RICOH SP 150SU laser printer/scanner/photocopier, comes with a pretty nifty, handy, reliable and nice peroformace. The manufacturer however provides only one usb port for this model for connecting directly to a computer for printing purposes. that means no Wifi or Ethernet support.
Well guys i own a WD N600 Router with a built in usb port, now thinking why not connect the router with printer via usb and use WD Print share to make the printer usable via a wireless connection and would like your help and experience to get this thing working,
Kindly share your experience if anyone has tried it already.

Kind Regards,

I have never tried this, but it seems possible. Let’s see if any experienced user here in the forum can shed some light on the situation.

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I tried this yesterday, got it working :smile: , nice thing is that afterwards i also connected my external harddrive via a powered usb hub to the router, Now i have a wireless printer and an external harddrive i can access to watch Movies on the Network :wink: