Using my MyCloud to host my blog photos

I did do some searching and I didn’t find answers that solved my problem so I thought I would try a new topic. I am pretty new at this so please be patient with me. I have recently setup my MyCloud and all seems to be working well. My question is this: I would like to use my storage to host images I post to web forums. When I use the share feature, it sends a nice link to the image that loads up nicely when clicked, however, I would like to just insert the link into a post and have the image load when the forum post loads.
Is this a simple setting?
Is this possible?
Am I just an knuckle head and don’t know how to do this?
Any suggestions will be helpful.

The My Cloud is not designed to be used in that fashion. See the following thread where this issue was recently discussed and where it was basically determined its not possible with the way the My Cloud is officially configured because the My Cloud, when configured for remote access, will prompt the user for a login name/password.

It may be possible to use unofficial methods, that would require using SSH to edit or load other modules to the My Cloud OS to attempt what your trying to do.

It may better to use one of the many free storage sites (like, host pictures you plan on using on websites or web pages. Yes its a hassle to upload photos to such sites but the benefit is having those photos backed up online rather than on the local network.