Using my MyBook and MyBook Live with MyCloud

I bought a MyBook to be used as an external drive.  Then the next year I bought a MyBook Live to act as a backup for my PC and Laptop (and the MyBook).

I don’t use the PC anymore, so I have this external MyBook sitting around. 

Now I see the My Cloud is out, and from what I can tell, the main difference between the live and cloud drives is the cloud drive has a USB port for an external drive connection.

Can I connect the MyBook to this connection, and if so, will it’s files be availaible in the cloud like the files on the physical MyCloud?

And if I bought a MyCloud, what do i do with my MyBook Live?   It has no extra connection to combine it with anything but my home network. 



If you connect the My Book drive to the USB port on the My Cloud it will be seen as a shared folder inside the My Cloud Drive.

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