Using my MAC to encrypt my Passport Essential

I have spent the last three hours trying to encrypt my Passport unsuccessfully. Can someone help? I have my 1TB partitioned in two partition. Thanks…

What exact model is it? Just download wd security.

Not sure what you are asking me but I am using an iMAC computer and the passport is the 1TB Essential SE.

The drive you have is preformated for windows. Did you already reformat it for mac?

Is this your drive ?

It dont have software that will enable you to encriot/lock the drive. You might want to download a third party software for drive encription.

yes, that is my passport but I found out I couldn’t use it because it was too small. I added a MyBookLive 3TB to this network. I did reformat the passbook for MAC and hve it partitioned but am unable to get into it to reformat it again. Kinda like opening the Christmas lights box and remembering I didn’t put them away properly last Christmas so I have a maze to unravel. Lol, I am so dysfunctional right now I can only laugh about it. It is going to take me a while to sort out what I have done and undo what I need. Thanks for trying to help. Blessings…

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