Using My Cloud with iPad and Microsoft Office applications

I’m interested in possibly buying a My Cloud solution.  Currently I use my iPad with DropBox and from within my Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications (running on my iPad) I’m able to access all my files on DropBox.

I’m looking for the increased security that comes from My Cloud and want to know if I can easily set my Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications to access My Cloud in the same way I can access DropBox and OneDrive.

If I can’t do this, I’m simply not interested in the solution.  Can someone provide guidance into how I might be able to set this up?



Hello, welcome to the community.

I have not tried this, lets see if another user can share some information or tips on this matter.

Hi there,

the functionaility you want depends on the applicaiton (Microsoft word etc). If they can work with network drives then yes you can. check the apps you are using.

Not all apps supoprt network drives and some do. For example I use PDF expert for everything and it supports nertwork drives and it sees my wdmycloud easily and I can read/write directly and even sync.

So it all depends on the application.