Using my cloud to view movies on the big screen TV

When I change the source of input on my TV to the WD cloud I have to go to all of the folders to find
the one that has the movies on it in my case it’s the public folder.

Now for the problem my parents and my wife get lost doing that they can never make it work.
Is there a way so when they go to my cloud as the source it just opens up the folder where the movies are?

is are a different type of software I can put on the cloud to make the choice of what you want the cloud to do
easier for people that do not understand you have to ruin the one folder to find another folder to find the folder you’re looking for.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Such is life with the world of computers, folders and files. Basic stuff anyone with any of this equipment needs to know to use them…

So, YOU write it all down for them, put it by the TV and tell them here are the instructions.

On Windows: http://wdmycloud:9000/
On Mac: http://wdmycloud.local:9000/

That will take you to the Twonky DLNA server where you can change the default folders. Will it make it easier? No, it’s still folders and you have to understand directory structure a bit.

How does this make it easier for anyone? The guy (and family) is doing this from his Smart TV,( I assume) where they access the My Cloud as a source input for TV.

Hi @44485

This is the way, how dlna Digital Living is working. Some Smart TVs can save the most way to a media server but this depends on the TV’s capabilities. Samsung for example shows the last contacted media server in a shortcut within Smart TV.

If you are accessing the DLNA server using a DLNA client on the TV, you should only see three ‘folders’: Music, Movies and Photos. The fact that you are seeing the full hierarchical path suggests you are accessing the file server using a file server client.

You might get some tips on how to use and optimise the DLNA server here:

Alternatively, see if you can install a better media client, such as Kodi, which will access either as a DLNA or SMB client, and will provide a much more user friendly interface.

If you can’t install apps on the TV, that’s why I don’t like ‘smart TVs’: not open systems.

You can change the default folders in Twonky settings.

WDMycloud -> Public Share -> Shared Music -> Favorite Artist -> Favorite Album -> Songs
Music -> Favorite Artist -> Favorite Album -> Songs

Twonky settings can be adjusted to tell what type of content is in each folder. You don’t want Twonky to scan for images in a folder that just has videos, otherwise it will generate another folder if any images are found.

Have you looked at running a Plex Media Server?