Using My Cloud for backup --

I haven’t bought the mycloud yet, but it could be a solution I need for a home NAS.  I just threw my Pogoplug away (hooray).  [Deleted - Trancer]

Here’s my 2 questions:

[#1] Can I back up my files from my Windows (8.1) desktop (wired to my home network) **AND** back up my wife’s MacBook using wireless to thesame Mycloud unit?

[#2}  If I then plug an external drive into the USB port on the back of the mycloud, can I copy both of those backups onto an external hard drive (for data redundancy) or do I need two separate dirves (one formatted for Windows, the other for Apple OS)?

What say you? … and thanks.

What say me? 

I say yes :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. I have both a PC and a Mac and yes you can backup to the same Mycloud unit. On the PC you will be connecting via Samba and on the Mac its SMB. 

  2.  I would recommend the WD Mybook for plugging into the USB 3.0 port as I’ve tested other USB drives and the only drives that will give 40MB/s writes and 70MB/s reads are the WD units. I believe there is a line of code If Not WD reduce bandwidth.

I have my WD Mybook formatted as a GPT 4TB NTFS Partition and the WD Cloud is able to read and write to it without problems. In addition, if you need the USB 3.0 speeds, you can unplug it and connect it directly to either your PC or Mac for that 140MB/s speed rush.

However I know that after reading this, you are wondering what is the speed from the Cloud to the USB drive… and the answer is a measley 40MB/s write and was tested by SSH into the cloud drive and using

cp verylargefile.mp4 /shares/My_Book/Public/movies

I think they somehow limited the hardware speed for the USB 3.0 since the network speeds maxes out at around 40-45MB/s writes. Normally a USB 3.0 port should give you up to 120-180MB/s.

However 40MB/s is good enough for a network acess.

Good luck on your purchase…

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