Using My Cloud at a remote location 1,200 miles away

My parents have around 5GB of photos and video. I am currently using a WD drive as their primary drive as well as backing up to a secondary drive that is being taken offsite. Would I be able to purchase a WD Cloud device and have it located at their Florida home, 1,200 miles away and backup their home computer. They have pretty good bandwidth at both locations. Before purchasing the 8TB model I would like to confirm if this is a viable option. Thank you.


You could refer to the following link:

Remote Access is not dependent on Location Distance … you could be in another country and it won’t matter.

Having ‘pretty good’ bandwidth i guess helps … but ultimately the bottleneck is speed of the WD Servers which all your data goes through.

If your folks only need to backup 5GB of data … an 8TB MCH is a bit overkill.

Maybe use Google Drive instead ? 15GB Data available, Fast Upload and Download and Costs $0

Thank you for the information. My father has a ton of pictures and video. It’s a little over 4TB. To costly to backup to Google Drive. John

In my testing, the bottleneck was my upload speed. I have 25mbps down; but only 3-5mbps up.

For me, that makes almost all remote applications useless; unless I significantly upgrade my internet service.