Using My Book WOrld Edition II disks as a standard pc storage

I have 1TB My Book II (rings). Can I remove the 500gb disks from the My Book case and use it in my pc as a normal disks? I want to create raid 0 in my pc, and this two 500gb disks seems to be perfect.

And second question- if the first option is possible- can I put them back into case after removing the system and all the data from them, and use them as a regular ethernet storage?

Thanks in advance!


You can remove it from the NAS and connected into the computer, however the drives are EXT3 formatted and a Windows computer won’t recognize the drive you will need to reformat the drives to a Windows compatible file system. As soon as you format your drive you will remove the NAS OS and won’t be able to use the drive on the MBW enclosure again.

Thanks for the answer Nesvic!

Is there any way to get them working in the MBW enclosure back? I mean install the NAS OS.

What about changing the drives in the MBW to a new one?I found no info in the user guide, that I have to install any special software to get them working…