Using My Book Studio Edition on both Mac and PC?

A few years ago I got a My Book Studio Edition to use for my MacBook. I love it, and it works great. 

(I still have over 100 gb of space on there)

My mom decided that by the end of the year she would like to get a MacBook. At the moment she has a Dell desktop. So I figured I can just plug in my My Book via USB into the Dell and transfer her documents and pictures (that’s all she wants saved). BUT when I plug it in, nothing happens whatsoever. In the bottom right corner I get that little picture showing that something is plugged in via USB, but it doesn’t show the name of it (the icon is located by the time on the bottom right, and when clicked it allows you to safely remove the hardware). I even went into My Computer to see if it recognized any drivers, it didn’t. 

Yesterday I even tried to download some installation software onto the Dell but nothing worked. 

So basically my question is - How can I be able to have the Dell recognize my My Book so I can just transfer files on there? Or can the hard drive not even be used on the Dell because it’s main use is on my MacBook? (Which doesn’t make sense to me, but it’s an option)

[I have a My Book Studio Edition WD5000H1Q]

P.S. I’m not very intelligent about Windows computers so I didn’t know how to explain things, sorry. And I don’t know if this is in the wrong location. If so, I apologize. 

WD factory formatted your drive for the Mac file system.  Unfortunately, Windows cannot recognize a Mac formatted drive.  You can take your drive back to your Mac and use Disk Utility to reformat it to FAT32 (MS-DOS).  Afterwards, you can read and write to the drive from both platforms.

You can see Mac HFS and HFS+ file systems on your Windows machine using MacDrive:

Here is a set of freeware HFS (not HFS+) utilities that may be useful to you:

Otherwise, if you just want to read Mac files from your Windows box, you can use HFSexplorer (freeware):