Using My Book Studio 2TB as boot volume?

Hi Board!

Just bought a My book Studio 2TB which I plan on using as a boot volume on my iMac (whose hard disc is failing), but before I take it out of its box (hence voiding the store’s return policy) I want a categorical yes or no - can I use it as a boot volume? I thought Yes, but just read a review that said it doesn’t work “due to its integrated virtual disc”.

Not sure what that means, but can anyone verify for me that this disc works as a bootable volume? I’m on an Intel iMac using Leopard 10.5.8.

Many thanks in advance!


Hi dude!!

The virtual disc means a protected partition on the drive which allows for the drive to be unlocked when you set a password, since it is always active and cannot be removed, it is unlikely to allow you to use it as a boot drive…

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Yes, thanks for posting, PizzaMatrix!

Very disappointing but at least I now know I can return the My Book.

Bit daft of WD if you ask me. Anyone know if they have an external HD that can be used to boot from, please drop me a line :slight_smile:

Well… You could try the OLD MyBook Studio (WDH1Qxxxx -OR- WDxxxxH1Q).


Thanks again!

Actually mailed WD direct and put my question to them. Got this reply:

As for your question, yes it is possible but no it is not recommended. Your My Book can be used as a boot volume but due to the hardware limitation, specifically speed limitation of the drive, it is not recommended. 

So there we have it, straight from the horse’s mouth!