Using My Book Home as a NAS

I have a My Book Home Edition 2TB. I have an older computer that eithernet connected to a wireless router that is accessed by a number of other laptops. I want to use My Book as a NAS if you will, so that I can store and share files from all these devises. Can I just use it as a flash drive and share it?


Hi there, I have done it by setting the permissions on the drive to share it like a folder, but it will need to be connected to a computer as the MyBook will be treated as a public share from that computer.

Some routers have USB ports, if you have one of those then you could do it without a computer, but the first method is a safe bet.


Thanks!!. Do you know if I would be able to use the WD software on multiple lap tops and if there is benefit or not do using it. I think I would prefer not to and just use the MyBook as a storage device an not a mirroring device.

Any thoughts?


The software that comes with the drive (Smartware) will only see a MyBook Essential working as a NAS on the computer it is plugged in, as the only WD drive that llows Smartware to work over the network is te MyBook Live. Windows backup can do it though.