Using My Book Essential on both XP and OS X Lion simultaneously?

Greetings all,

   I was wondering if someone out there can guide me on using my external HDD on both my XP machine as well as my OS X machine simultaneously.

   I have Smartware installed on the XP machine already, but nothing yet on the OS X Lion (just got it a few weeks ago). I’d like to mack up both on the same drive and have lost of capacity on the external HDD to cover both.


I wouldn’t recommend it.  the drives tend to get corrupted and the data lost.  if you want to try it, then you’ll need to format the drive in fat32, for both to read it.  but that leaves you with a 4 gig file size limitation.  also, if you try to use smartware and time machine you could also have real problems.  you’d have to use smartware on both machines.  you could leave it as ntfs and get a utility from apple for the mac to use that file format, maybe.

I’m not sure about how to partition and format the drive for both systems either. Maybe PizzaMatrix knows. The utility Wayne is thinking of is NTFS-3G I don’t know if that will work with the time maching backup or not. If that works you would not have to reformat or partition rhe drive.


Thanks Wayne and Joe for the feedback.

I’'ll see what the NTFS-3G involves. However, based on both feedbacks, assume for a second that my XP machine was taken out of the equation. Could you then use the My Book Essential with Time Machine on Mac instead of Smartware?

I am aware of the Smartware RAM issues…