Using My Book as an attached hard drive

Hello all, I am a novice with this, any help is appreciated. I purchased a My Book 4 TB and it is connected and I’ve already backed up all of my photos with it.

My PC is almost maxxed out with memory capacity and I want to begin a new project converting old 8mm family movies to DVD. My thought was to buy the My Book as a storage device for all of the old movies to keep what little memory I have left intact in my PC.

Can I use My Book as a storage device for this purpose?

Hello, welcome to the community.

You can transfer information from the computer to the hard drive as you would with a flash drive. If your are using PC, just go into the “My Computer” section, and you should see the drive there, you can drag and drop the information to that drive and then delete it from the computer. If you are using Mac, on the finder you should find the drive and you would be able to drag and drop the information just as well.

Keep in mind that a backup is having the information on 2 locations at the same time, if you move the information from your computer to the My Book, this will be the only place where your information will be.