Using Multiple WD TV Live units

We currently have one WD TV Live unit, installed on the home network, and connected to our bedroom TV.  We’re very pleased with its capabilities and performance.  I’m thinking of adding a second WD TV Live unit and connecting it to our family room TV. 

Will it be possible for the second (family room) WD TV Live unit to read and play the movies that are currently loaded on the USB drive which is connected to the first (bedroom) WD TV Live unit? 

Would there be any significant performance degradation if one movie was playing in the bedroom and another movie was being played in the family room?

I am pretty sure that is not possible. you would have to have a central Networked Storage to do that I believe.

Absolutely possible! Just enable network sharing in Settins and that is all you need for other unit to see it as network share. I am not sure if it will show up as a Media Server but defiantly will show as a network share and you can stream everything from it.

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Thanks very much for that reply. 

I already have my WD TV Live unit set for network sharing,  and can see it froim our PCs and MACs. 

Will go ahead and get a secopnd unit and will give that a try.