Using multiple video outputs

Is the WDTV Live okay using multiple video outputs? Say using HDMI or composite to a TV and then conponent to feed a projector, then selecting the video output you want in the Audio/Video Setting menu. If it does work, does it retain the last video output setting used after turning the device off and back on?



As far as I know, you have to select only one video output. You can have multiple audio output, but the video is only one, once you select, either HDMI, component or composite, the others will be disable.

I think you will find that that the composite video output is always on even if you are using HDMI. I have not tried the component so I don’t know about that. I do know that you do not have to select composite for it to work and I actually believe that the video setup is for the resolution / system and not for selection purposes.

I have tried component to the projector and of course I never though of audio. I don’t have an available optical audio input so I used the composite cable to the av receiver. I didn’t have another composite cable to run from the receiver to the TV to test the video, but I suspect that if composite is still on to feed audio then the video should still be availble.

The picture quality for the projector was great for 480p using a 70" diagonial picture.

In Australia; there are a number of  HD digital TV’s on the market that require both the HDMI and component cables initially connected to set up the HDMI handshaking and frequency locking. On my WDTV Live, the component and HDMI are always enabled. There is no logical reason why you cannot use both if you want to watch the same picture on two different digital displays.