Using Livewire to hardwire Airport Express

I purchased a Livewire to try to hardwire an Airport Express that gets interference from a microwave that is close by.  I stream music  from my computer to a home theatre system hooked up to the express.  I’ve only had it hooked up for a couple of hours, and I’ve noticed a couple of drops for a second or two.  Don’t know how to find the cause for this.  The lights on my livewire also flicker continuously.  Are the lights supposed to flicker continuously like a cable modem for example showing packets transmitted, or does the flickering indicate noise in my electric making the system unusable for me?  My house electric is up to code, less than 10 years old.  Thanks in advance for your help.

If there is activity on the line, the lights should flicker.  Are you connecting any part of your theater system wirelessly to the Airport Express?  If so, can you try connecting it with a cable to the router and see if the sound still drops out?  If that doesn’t fix it, then you need to find what circuit you’re running the Livewire on, and make sure you’re not running the refrigerator or other appliance on the same circuit.  If you are, disconnect them to test if you get better streaming.