Using Lightroom Mobile with EX2Ultra

New user here. I would like to store my photos (10,000plus images) on the My Cloud and then access them from various Apple devices (iMac, iPad Pro, iPhone) in order to edit them using Adobe Lightroom mobile. Then of course save them back to My Cloud. The edited images would then be accessible to my other devices. Is this a possible easily accomplished workflow?

Short answer: No

Long answer:
Not sure how lightroom mobile handles files. Does the mobile force you to store images in the cloud? Or can you “point” to a local network drive? If you are away from home the “point to a local network drive” would be a problem since. . . . .the NAS would not be local to you.

You can make your ios device be on your home network using a VPN solution (like OpenVPN) - - -but that introduces another level of complexity.