Using LAN to LAN router bridge (Westell 9100em & WD n900) config issue

Hello all,

I’ll start by explaining my network and what I am trying to accomplish. I’ll include sidenotes in parenthesis to help keep what I am saying clear.

Currently, my ONT feeds to my verizon-issued Westell 9100 EM router via coax. It is not possible for me to run CAT5/6 from the ONT. I have had terrible experiences with this router, and I purchased the Western Digital Mynet N900 to take some of the responsibilities and increase wireless reliability in my home. I am trying to get the Westell to handle all DHCP and have it issue the IPs, and LAN to LAN this router to the N900 (The WAN on the secondary
Western Digital Mynet N900 router will not be used). The Western Digital Mynet N900 will act as a switch for my entire wired home network as well as broadcoast a wireless network (The wireless on the Westell is disabled).

I did a factory reset on both routers and went through these steps I found (posted below), which at first, seemed to work great. However, after only a minute or two pages would fail to load at the DNS level, and I wouldn’t be able to access either of my router’s configuration pages (I was able to access both during the brief window of success). I have a feeling it’s a certain setting one of the routers or something I’m missing, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to make this work.

Here are the instructions I have been following, to show you exactly how this configuration was set up: (Please note, this guide is specifically for an
Actiontec that is very similar to my Westell 9100)

First, set up the primary router:

1. To start with a simple configuration, disconnect or power off all devices connected to the Actiontec except the computer used to configure it. Reset the Actiontec to its default configuration by pressing the reset button for 10 seconds. Note that this will delete all port forwards and filter rules you may have already established. You may want to make notes of your existing config before resetting to default. The default Actiontec router address is Point your browser to the login page.

2. When reset, the Actiontec will boot up and ask you to set a password. It is suggested it be something different than password or password1. I use 8  characters in an alpha/number mix. Make sure you can connect to the internet. This verifies primary router connectivity.

3. Click on My Network icon, click Network Connections, then Network (Home/Office), then click Settings button. Change the DHCP address range by  scrolling down to locate IP Address Distribution. Verify DHCP Server is selected in the dropdown box. Set the Start IP Address to, and leave the Ending IP Address at You can use a different start or end address. I selected .11 because I want to have several, but not too many _addresses I can use as static addresses. The secondary router will be one of them. _Click Apply, wait for the Actiontec to reconfig, then click Apply again to make it stick.


4. If you intend your secondary router to handle all the wireless connections, you may choose to disable the Actiontec Wireless. This might be the case if, for instance, your secondary router is Wireless-N. Disable Actiontec Wireless by clicking Wireless Settings icon, then click Basic Security Settings. Click item 1. Wireless Radio to Off. Then click Apply, wait for the Actiontec to reconfig, then click Apply.

_5. Verify Internet connectivity, then shut off your PC. _Next, set up your router as secondary

6. Unplug your PC’s wired connection from the Actiontec LAN port, then plug it into a LAN port on your secondary router. Make sure the secondary router WAN port is not connected to anything. Boot up your PC and the router and log into your secondary router’s interface.

7. You should be able to login with a login and a password. If you are unable to, you may have to resort to a hard reset on the secondary router and use _the operator’s manual to determine the default login and password. _Please note that routers from different manufacturers will vary in their default settings and interface. If your PC is set to get a LAN address _automatically, you can determine your IP address by typing “ipconfig /all” (without the quotes) at a command prompt, then press Enter. _You should be able to log in to your secondary router at "" or by using your LAN IP address with .1 as the last octet.

8. Once logged in, ignore the router’s Internet settings because the WAN port is not used. You need to change its Network Settings to set the Router IP address to with Subnet mask

9. Also, it’s very important to Disable DHCP Server. On my secondary router after I made those changes, I needed to Save Settings.

Finally, connect secondary router to Actiontec

10. Then I connected a patch cable from a LAN port on the Actiontec to a LAN port on the secondary router, and clicked Reboot Now. Instructions for your
_router may vary. _After the secondary router reboot, reboot your PC. You should be connected to your secondary router and pick up a LAN IP from the Actiontec. Verify internet connectivity.


11. At this point, verify you can log in to the Actiontec at, and log in to your secondary router at It will make no difference what router you are physically connected to for administration of both…=

12. Any additional changes to primary or secondary routers can be made at this time. Here is where you may set wireless on the secondary router. Any port
forwards will be done on the Actiontec. The secondary router WAN port is not connected.

To summarize:
Actiontec is set to serve DHCP addresses from to, and your
secondary router has a static network address of and DHCP is disabled.
Both are connected with a patch cable from LAN to LAN.
Straight or crossover cable doesn’t matter because the Actiontec is self-sensing.

Does anyone have any thoughts on why the Western Digital Mynet N900 router would have a problem handling this kind of configuration? Or about how my  Westell 9100 EM may be configured wrong? I greatly appreciate your time if you have read this and I appreciate any constructive feedback if you think you may actually know what’s going on here.

Thanks guys.


Try doing it this way, from the my net dashboard go to admin/Device Mode and change it from router mode to extender mode. Check the link below so you can also see the steps from the manual.

You may confirm that your N900 is updated to the latest firmware.  For your setup you may change the Device Mode to Extender Mode, which will make it work as a switch.