Using it as a big usb stick between mac and pc

Hi all,

Sorry, I didn’t know whether to post this in the windows or mac section, so I posted it in both.

I know stuff similar to this has been posted on before but in reading much of it I’m just getting confused and I know I might have to but if possible don’t want to have to partition or reformat the disk.

With the simple small usb sticks I have no problem saving a word document, for example, in window then taking it over to the mac, openning it up, editting it and saving it again. This is basically what I want to be doing with the WD HDD but I used it first on the windows machine and now it won’t let me save anything on it from the mac and the documents saved from the windows machine are read only. It’s really really annoying.

Cheap usb sticks can do it… it seriously should not be this hard?

Sorry about the tone of this post but it’s really annoying me and any help would be very much appreciated.



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The drive is probably formatted NTFS mac can read this but not write to it. Here are a couple links  and I think you need the NTFS-G3 download.


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Thanks heaps Joe, I downloaded the NTFS-3G thing and it’s working now