Using hard drive in Japan/Asia

Hi, new to the forum here, was wondering if someone could help me. I bought a WDBAAU0010HBK product in New Zealand with a NZ electrical plug, have now moved to Japan. I tried using it with an adaptor but it didnt work, does anyone have any ideas how I can overcome this? Or do I need to buy something else. Thanks.

Utility AC power supply in Japan is rated to 115Volts AC. Looks like your drive’s power adaptor is not universal (100 ~240Volts AC) and fixed to 220Volts AC.

Make sure to double check the sticker underneath the power adaptor to confirm you have only 220/230Vots AC power adaptor. In this case, you can buy a step –up transformer (110 > 220) from any electrical shop.

If you can visit WD sales/service outlet in they Japan, they might be able to provide you a compatible AC adaptor for your drive model. (This is the best option)

NOTE: If the existing power adaptor sticker is showing AC 100~240 V and still not working, your drive/adaptor/cable may be fauilty.

Mabikay – SLK

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