Using folder filter with external USB drive


I’ve had the WD Hub for a few months and nearly filled the drive, I have my videos split up into sub folders :

Kids Movies


TV Series


… etc

I have just added a new 2 TB WD Elements USB drive, when I have the folder filter on and select video’s, I get the top level folder view :



When I select the WDliveHub, I then get my standard folders view, but I cannot see the videos on the USB2 drive.

If I switch the filter to all and select Videos, I then see all my videos, but all the video’s are free standing and not in their folders, so I have lots of TV series etc mixed up with movies, so its really messy and makes browsing the view slow.

Is there anyway to have a split of videos into different folders, but see all the media from the local Hub Drive and the USB2 drive ?

Thanks for any advice.

Dude, I’m a bit confused by your post. What happens when you try to navigate the folders from USB2? Do you get the folders inside the Elements?

Yes, If I navigate USB2 I see the folders on the Elements USB2 drive, if I navigate the WD Hub folder, I see the folders on the Hub Drive, the problem is I have videos on the HUB and on the USB2 Elements, I have to go in each folder to see the seperate video’s, there is no overall view for all the storage.

If I switch off the folder view, I then can see all the media on both the WD Hub drive and USB2 drive in one view, but all the files in subfolders (TV series etc) are all visible as it shows the folder contents without the folder, so its pretty messy and take allot longer to browse through the files when they are not in sub folders.

I would like a way to show the media from both the WD Hub and USB2 Elements in one view while using the folder view, so TV series etc remain in subfolders.

If I understand your question right, then NO, you have to select USB2 to see the folder on that drive.  There’s no way to combine all the files of the internal and external files using the folder filter.

Thats a shame, thanks for the answers.