Using DX4000 NICs independently

I’d like to seperate the NICs on the WD DX4000 so i can put the device on two separate subnets. I know it’s set up to do failover or whatever, but I’d like to have one NIC connect the NAS to my network normally, and the other connected to a dedicated network for iSCSI traffic.

I have a newer WD myCloud EX4100 that was easy enough to configure in this manner. Upon looking in the manual and other resources, I was specifically warned not to reconfigure the network interfaces because if something breaks, the only way to get the box working again is a full system restore. Trying to avoid that, and thought maybe there was something I was missing since it’s so easily configurable on the newer mycloud.

Thanks for your input.

It should work and be easy to do with the normal windows networking config.
That said I would highly recommend you just go ahead and get a usb adapter and install it before you do just in case. They are cheap and you will have it available down the road if the nics fail.
You can give it an odd ip like Then in your PC you can add an ip like so you can get to it.

OR just use the USB nic for your second network

I guess I’m just confused because of how the two NICs feed into the WDTeam device. LAN1 and LAN2 both do not have any items enabled except for the Intel Advanced Network Service Protocol. Addressing and such is handled by the WDTeam device that it seems the NICS are passed to. Ignore the popup box.

Maybe using USB for the second network is best, Just not sure about performance.

I would not worry about performance.
You need it anyway if the nics die or get disabled.

My box is not online so I can’t peek.

The DX4000 may have 2NICs but they give you a false sense of security as they tend to fail together. To be truly failsafe install a usb nic see below for example of working device

I’ve elected to add a USB network interface, fortunately I had one lying around. Thanks for your input.

This being said, how does one remove the network interfaces from the Team? I got instructions from the following article to get the alerts to subside after I had both cables connected. One of the replies indicated that they could be removed.

Thanks again.

first step is to take the cat 5 out of the built in nic and make sure you can rdp to it
Then no clue really from your pic I would uncheck the Intel
But before that right click the nic, Bridging, teaming listed?