Using Drives from EX4100 to a PR4100

I’m looking to upgrade my EX4100 to a PR4100 for the transcode capabilities.
Can I just take out the drives from the EX4100 and just put them into the PR4100 and be good to go? If not, what’s the best way of transferring all the data from EX4100 to a PR4100 without having to buy new drives?


In short: Yes.

Read this: Switching from EX4100 to PR4100

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Thanks mdigirol!
Have you found the transcoding to be sufficient for 1080p video?
The EX4100 struggles with a lot of HD and FHD video that needs to be

Based on the limited testing I did, it seems to work really well. Even had multiple Plex transcoding streams going at once and had no issues! It was worth the upgrade, for sure.