Using Database stored on my cloud

I have stored a database on WD My Cloud 2TB which can be accessed by multiple users on my network as well as outside the network. The idea is to eliminate the use of a server.
However, the problem is that when multiple people are using same input windows, some of the data is not stored. Please note when multiple persons open same input windows, that window assign automatically a record number to that person and another number to other user (in series) but in this case same number is being assigned for multiple users.
Please advise how can I use MY CLOUD as a hard drive not a sync type of things.

The My Cloud is a NAS. It’s not a hard drive and will never act like it. Nor is it a “sync type of thing”.

Your database software must be able to support concurrency across a shared file system or you risk corruption of your database.

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Any other option to tackle this issue?