Using Carbon Copy Cloner, the My Book won't boot as startup drive from My Book


I have My Book (which I use on Mac)

Model # wd10000h1cs-00  1 TB

USB 2.0 / FireWire400 / eSATADesktop - External, Swappable, Hot-swap - Serial ATA, USB, USB 2.0, IEEE 1394 FireWire - 300 Mbps - 7,200 RPM

My equipment

iBook G4

OS 10.4.11

1.5 GB Ram

55 GB HD

1 150 GB Acomdata Ext HD

1 1 TB Western Digital Ext HD

Carbon Copy Cloner v 3.3

I bought my 1 TB Western Digital Ext HD before realizing that it won’t boot my Mac. I have one Acomdata 150 GB Ext HD that will boot my Mac, but I’m using it as my primary HD. It holds more than the 55 GB on my iBook G4. The IBook acts as the computer in this configuration. At least with the Western Digital CCC, I do have backup—just can’t boot from it and bring everything back in one fell swoop in the event of a crash.

Is there a fix for this Western Digital problem? I’ve written CCC about this also.


Rafael Montserrat

Here’s my post on this subject to Carbon Copy Cloner help: